VC Talks by VentureRocket Eurasia: Recap

This week, we’ve had the pleasure hosting VC Talks by VentureRocket Eurasia with our ecosystem partners.

Here are the main takeaways from the meeting:

🔷The ‘chicken and egg’ problem: both investors and startup founders must be better educated to contribute to the development of the Kazakhstani ecosystem.

🔷Our market needs foreign expertise in the face of GPs and other ecosystem players , like Quest Ventures, Plug&Play, etc.

🔷We need to attract students and young people to participate in the startup ecosystem to grow the regional pipeline of projects.

🔷For the attraction of foreign institutions and track record purposes, reports on VC investments in Kazakhstan, as well as database sharing should be conducted on a regular basis.

Thanks to the speakers attending the round table event and everyone who joined us online.

We were happy to hear everyone and see that the ecosystem players have interesting ideas and a clear vision on how the Kazakhstani VC market should develop.