Titanium Technologies is a global group of R&D centers and innovation companies from all over the globe.

Why Join Titanium Technologies?

1 We Are Open-Minded

At Titanium, we encourage out-of-box thinking and knowledge-sharing. We also value your opinion. To us, being open-minded means building the most favorable environment for you to create.

2 We Love Diversity

We are multicultural. Our teams are located in Moldova, Israel, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, and we deal with numerous projects from the US, Canada, Malta, Central Asia, Israel, and more.

3 We Are

To us, any project is always about a team of people. We respect each other, offer flexible working hours, and aim to create a positive and motivating atmosphere, where you can both develop and spend your time relaxing. We do not encourage working overtime.

4 We Put
Communication First

We believe that communication is the key. Thus, we are building trustworthy and transparent communication processes with everyone - be it a client or a team member. We also value your feedback and conduct regular one-to-one meetings to know what you feel.

5 We Are About

As a part of our name, technologies are crucial to us. Our portfolio companies are mainly solutions based on blockchain, IoT, and AI – a great opportunity for those who see their career working on top-notch technology projects.