Our R&D centers in Israel, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia help develop innovative solutions for partners and portfolio companies

Titanium Moldova

Titanium Moldova is our Moldovan R&D arm, headquartered in Chisinau, that helps develop innovation products for both our portfolio projects and other startups from all over the world.

Titanium Technologies Ukraine

Titanium Technologies Ukraine is our Ukrainian R&D arm, with offices in Cherkasy and Dnipro. Here, we build high-end R&D products for startups from Israel, Europe, Central Asia, and the US, as well as our portfolio companies.

Titanium Technologies Kazakhstan

Titanium Technologies Kazakhstan is our Kazakhstan-based R&D arm, with offices in Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Together with our teams from Moldova and Ukraine, Titanium Kazakhstan assists in developing innovation projects – from technical help to marketing and business development services.

Titanium Blockchain

Titanium Blockchain is a global blockchain ecosystem and pioneering blockchain R&D and consulting company from Israel.

Venture Studio

We provide venture building (consulting, tech assistance, business development, and marketing) and acceleration services to blockchain startups from all over the world.


FutureBlock is a global blockchain ecosystem of the world’s leading blockchain companies that also acts as a global blockchain venture studio. We transform today’s most promising blockchain startups into tomorrow’s market-leading blockchain companies.

Ecosystem Management

We help innovation organizations, educational institutions (universities), and governmental structures build, manage, and scale their ecosystems.


VentureRocket is a holistic innovation ecosystem management platform and network. We help our clients to build and manage their ecosystems.

VentureRocket Malta

VentureRocket Malta is a cooperation between the Maltese government – Malta Enterprise – and Titanium Technologies which serves as a gate for companies from all over the globe to enter the Maltese and European Union markets and enjoy various benefits of the Maltese ecosystem.

VentureRocket Eurasia

VentureRocket Eurasia is a joint venture between the governmental structure of Kazakhstan – AIFC Tech Hub – and Titanium Technologies. This is a startup ecosystem management environment and the first co-investment platform in Central Asia that connects tech startups and accredited, professional, and institutional investors.