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We help startups and companies all over the world build their success stories
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5 Main Reasons
To Choose Us

Strong team of specialists

We are a team of 110+ technical and business development professionals from Europe, North America, Israel, and Asia. Our expertise covers web and mobile, with a focus on Web3 and Data Science in a wide range of sectors, such as fintech, e-commerce, telecom, agrotech, healthtech, entertainment, and more.

Innovative technologies

We specialize in working on complex projects based on leading technologies, like Web3, IoT, Data Science, and more. We work using the most up-to-date tools and methods in order to deliver top-notch products.

Proven track record

Our portfolio covers the world's pioneering Web3 and Data Science solutions as well as a few unicorn startups. Learn more about them here.

Startup expertise

We offer a wide range of startup services - from technical research and development to business strategy development and execution. We invest and assist in capital raising, planning and executing the startup’s road map, and more.

Vast network of partners

Our ecosystem covers promising startups, hubs, accelerators, leading VC funds & angel investors, as well as other ecosystem members, like advisors, mentors, and service providers from all over the world.

Our Clients