We assist in building technology startups, by bringing different R&D, Web3, and Data Science services - from research and development to end-to-end product support.

R&D Division

Our R&D Division holds global R&D centers that specialize in delivering full-scale software development services (both web and mobile) for our partners and portfolio companies – project tech & business planning, architecture, choosing the technical solution, planning the R&D process, execution, and support.

Web3 Division

Our Web3 Division specializes in all aspects of the Web3 ecosystem – technology, business, and economics. Our professional team includes architects, researchers, developers, business development and investment managers, economists, data scientists, and Data Science professionals.

Data Science Division

Our Data Science Division includes data scientists, mathematicians, and developers with proven experience in consulting and developing Data Science solutions, such as deep video analytics, recommendation systems, chatbots, expert systems, data mining&augmentation, fraud detection, and more.

Startup Growth

We offer 2 growth packages to tech startups - our Venture Studio for blockchain projects and advisory for tech startups. Our goal is to support startups with the technical, business, product, and legal expertise needed for their successful growth.


FutureBlock is a global Web3 ecosystem of the world’s leading Web3 companies that also acts as a global Web3 venture studio. We transform today’s most promising Web3 startups into tomorrow’s market-leading Web3 companies.

Governmental Innovation Programs

We work with the governments of Malta and Kazakhstan to help them grow and manage their startup ecosystems.


VentureRocket is a holistic innovation ecosystem management platform and global network of startups, investors, and other ecosystem members. We help our clients build and manage their innovation ecosystems.

Through our collaborations with the governments of Malta and Kazakhstan, we have built investment and startup management platforms to help attract more investment opportunities to these regions. Leveraging VentureRocket Eurasia and VentureRocket Malta, tech startups can build and manage their ecosystems, find investors and raise funds with the help of our management tools, connect with different ecosystem members to get their venture building support, and more. 

Advisory for Corporates

Our team of business, technical, and legal experts helps corporates grow new Web3 solutions by providing professional consulting on business and strategy, technology, and regulation & compliance.