The Future Is Intelligent

We bring a new level of power to your business, by building innovative solutions based on machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.
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Our team consists of ML&AI specialists - developers, data scientists, and mathematicians that have proven experience in both developing and consulting on the ML&AI products.

  • 5 years

    of Delivering Hi-End Projects
  • Deep Understanding

    of ML&AI Algorithms
  • 27+

    Successful Use Cases

Our Expertise

Deep Video Analytics

  • Image classification
  • Face recognition
  • Object detection
  • Pose estimation
  • Action detection
  • Event detection

Recommendation Systems

  • Collaborative models
  • Auto tagging

Chat Bots

  • Domaine assistant
  • Context assistant
  • Personal assistant

Expert Systems

  • Medical systems
  • Support systems

Data Mining and Augmentation

  • Image annotation
  • Text annotation
  • Web scraping

Fraud Detection

  • Anomaly detection
  • Fraud classification

Industries We Work With


We empower financial companies with ML/AI-based asset management and risk evaluation systems, fraud detection solutions, predictive analytics, customer support and client loyalty programs, and much more.


Our team helps build innovative solutions for healthcare to bring early, fast, and accurate diagnosis, automate patients’ data processing, optimize analyzing big data for medical research, provide sensor data analysis, and more.


Our specialists help apply Machine Learning to empower transport with self-driving capabilities, data analytics, voice, face, and speech recognition, etc.


We apply ML/AI technologies in entertainment to create effective recommendation tools for social media, music, and movie streaming platforms. We also help utilize artificial intelligence in gaming to develop algorithms playing against people, systems predicting and changing effects, and even one day NPCs developing into player characters.


By implementing virtual assistants, chatbots, product recommendation, customer behavior analysis, targeted marketing solutions, and more, we aim to help you personalize customer experience, better retain your customers, and boost your sales.


We help build solutions for your smart home, like automotive software, smart vehicles, face, voice, and movement recognition, and more.

Our Clients