Midchains Becomes the Most Powerful CEX in the Middle East

Happy to announce that one of our DeFi ventures, Midchains, has been recognized as the Middle East Most Powerful CEX in 2022 by MEBA. 

Midchains is an investment platform designed for experienced investors and beginners to trade and store crypto assets. Based in Emirates, this is a fully licensed trading facility & custodian regulated by FSRA & operated by an expert team of experienced fintech professionals.

The company aims to meet the sophisticated needs of investors by offering premium trading & custody services: 

🔷Access to the most liquid crypto

🔷Sophisticated trading & risk management tools

🔷Same fees for all traders, no hidden premiums

🔷Attractive crypto rebate program.

🔷Direct ownership of crypto/ digital assets

🔷High security 

The MEBA Awards are the region’s premier blockchain awards annually selecting the most promising DeFi and crypto projects in the Middle East across multiple categories – from the best DeFi platform and crypto wallets to the most promising CEX, DEX, or even web3 ecosystem.

Midchains has been awarded the Most Powerful CEX in 2022 prize for “showing dedication to growth and reach, all the while dedicating time and efforts to new users, institutional money, and an industry-wide approach that extends far beyond their organization.”

We’re happy to see that our portfolio companies show much potential & get public recognition and believe that together with Midchains, we will build a stronger Web3 world with great possibilities for secure crypto investing.

Learn more about Midchains here.