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We bring a new level of power to your business, by building innovative solutions based on Data Science capabilities.
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    of Delivering High-End Projects
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Our Expertise

Deep Video Analytics

  • Image classification
  • Face recognition
  • Object detection
  • Pose estimation
  • Action detection
  • Event detection

Finance & Web3

  • Trading platforms analytics: securities and crypto
  • Token economics: developing and analyzing
  • Data Science modules of economic models
  • Testing robustness of financial systems

Expert and Recommendation Systems

  • Medical systems
  • Support systems
  • Collaborative models
  • Auto-tagging


  • Domaine assistant
  • Context assistant
  • Personal assistant

Predictive Marketing

  • Customer clustering
  • Revenue growth estimation

Data Mining and Augmentation

  • Image annotation
  • Text annotation
  • Web scraping

Fraud Detection

  • Anomaly detection
  • Fraud classification

Deep Text Analytics

  • Topic identification
  • Curse filter
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text summarizer

Industries We Work With


We empower financial companies with Data Science-based asset management and risk evaluation systems, fraud detection solutions, predictive analytics, customer support and client loyalty programs, and much more.


We boost blockchain startups, by developing Data Science-based capabilities for them. Our team of Data Science and economics specialists develops economic models and tokenomics as well as tests their robustness. In addition, we specialize in analyzing trading data and building Data Science models for decision-making.


Our team helps build innovative solutions for healthcare to bring early, fast, and accurate diagnosis, automate patients’ data processing, optimize analyzing big data for medical research, provide sensor data analysis, and more.


Our specialists help apply Machine Learning to empower transport with self-driving capabilities, data analytics, voice, face, and speech recognition, etc.


We create effective recommendation tools for social media, music, and movie streaming platforms. We also utilize artificial intelligence in gaming to develop algorithms playing against people, systems predicting and changing effects, and even one day NPCs developing into player characters.


By implementing virtual assistants, chatbots, product recommendation, customer behavior analysis, targeted marketing solutions, and more, we aim to help you personalize customer experience, better retain your customers, and boost your sales.

Case Studies

Multisense is a tech startup that provides AI-based solutions equipped with face and voice recognition, fingerprint signature, GPS, and NFC technologies, for security, biometrics, fintech, and other industries.

Implementing modern Deep Learning architecture, our team has assisted the company in extending its portfolio and building the following products:

  • Voice verification for clinics’ data access;
  • Face recognition for the “Working at home” application;
  • KYC automation for banks in Israel.

Kima is a blockchain-agnostic platform building an open protocol that enables cross-chain and off-chain decentralized apps developed upon this protocol. Our team of Data Science experts helps Kima to build its tokenomics models and its products’ economics, by developing economic models and testing them using past and current trading data.  


ORGANIZATION.G.G. is an AI-based entertainment platform that connects streamers with their community to enable a new level of gaming – active hosting, promoting, and monetizing your own experiences in the gaming multiverse.

Utilizing the classical computer vision approach, our Data Science specialists have developed a real-time banner detection and tracking solution for the streaming platform.

IXSwap is a defi & cefi platform for security tokens and fractionalized NFTs as well as the first AMM for securities. In close cooperation with IXSwap, our Data Science team analyzes trading data and builds the economic models for the trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs. In addition, we have developed and implemented the token’s farming services. 

Sporta is an AI-based project focused on MMA sports activities that solves the “action recognition” problem.

Implementing computer vision technologies, we have developed a deep neural network that teaches the machine to recognize a variety of strikes performed by MMA athletes. This solution assists sportsmen in skill tracking and eventually accelerates their performance.

RazorLabs is a leading provider of AI solutions for enterprises to improve and automate the quality inspection process, increase human-level performance, track incidents, and more. It also helps transform businesses into AI companies, by building their AI-oriented strategies.

In close cooperation, we have successfully optimized Facebook’s DLRM (deep learning recommendation model) that RazorLabs used for implementing and leveraging their recommendation system-based solutions.

Megogo is an entertainment platform that enables content streaming, like movies, series, TV shows, sports translations, and more.

Our AI division has introduced artificial intelligence to the project, by extending the players’ capabilities with a list of useful auto-annotated tags with timestamps. Moreover, we have empowered Megogo functionality with AI-based capabilities, like:

  • credit detection;
  • recap detection;
  • intro detection;
  • smoking detection;
  • scene separation.