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We build innovative products worldwide with the help of our expert teams of Web3 developers, architects, researchers, business development managers, and more.
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Technology consulting

We advise startups on optimal options for implementing their Web3 solutions or using the existing ones.

Software architecture

Our team of developers specializes in building the architecture of your product software.

R&D services

We provide research and development activities for web, mobile, Web3, and AI/Data Science projects.

Web3 development

We build both private and public Web3 networks, DSO, smart contracts, and eWallets.

Related Services

We provide different activities important to implement your product - UI/UX/product design, quality assurance, project management, and other related services.

End-to-end product development

We assist the project in every step of its development - from design and architecture to its development and post-production support.



Startup planning

We create a customized acceleration program for each of our Web3 startups based on their unique needs and stages of development.

Market research

Our experts conduct research on the product’s market, competitors, and more to help improve its strategy, features, and the user experience with the product.

Business development

We help your startup scale, by building its business strategy, guiding the team, reaching out to potential partners, providing venture capital, and more.


We create a customized acceleration program for each of our Web3 startups based on their unique needs and stages of development.

Investor network

We connect startups with investors, by providing access to our vast network of global investors



Economic research

Our team of economic researchers does a thorough research on existing products’ economic models, theoretical models, and how to implement traditional models in the crypto world.

TradeFi modeling

We build CeFi/DeFi/TradeFi models based on theory and practice as well as tools to test them and further improve their efficiency.

Data Science, Data Science team

Our data scientists specialists investigate, analize, and build Data Science modules of the economic models we develop.

Token economics

We research and build token economics models for a wide range of token-based projects and usages within the project as a utility and externally for staking and other economic activity.

Investment strategies development

Our team of DeFi/CeFi experts develops crypto investment strategies and structures suitable for both retail and institutional investors.

Holistic support of projects’ economics needs

We offer holistic consultation and support for all the economic needs of our clients and partners’ projects.



We build and support Web3-based solutions conducting financial operations - from startup investment platforms to raise funds and manage investments to crypto exchange platforms, multi-channel crypto wallets, and more.

Community Management

We assist every step of developing platforms that focus on managing and improving Web3 community communication as well as implementing digital asset trading within them.


We help healthcare companies develop Web3-based solutions to automate and improve operations efficiency, manage patients' data, and more.


We use Web3 technologies to build security solutions for ensuring better data protection and trustworthiness of crypto assets.


We build an infrastructure to digitize companies, funds, and their assets, issue and manage DSO, etc.


We help both implement and improve gaming solutions with Web3 technology to make them more transparent, decentralized, competitive, engaging, and unique.

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