AdaSwap’s Testnet Goes Live!

We’re happy to share that one of our innovative ventures, AdaSwap, has successfully gone live in a public testnet.

 AdaSwap is a decentralized exchange on the Cardano ecosystem  a decentralized exchange for the Cardano ecosystem utilizing Milkomeda, the 1st layer 2 scaling solution for Cardano. Traders will be able to securely exchange Cardano native assets using the AdaSwap solution.

The team is on a mission to cultivate Cardano by bringing new users from other blockchains and launching a top-notch DEX & NFT Marketplace.

On June 29th, AdasWap launched its testnet, which aims to detect bugs and get info on the reliability, scalability opportunities, and user experience of the AdaSwap DEX. The release has been a real success! 

During the last three weeks:

🔷 The AdaSwap community has grown – currently, its Telegram channel comprises 25,000 people

🔷 8,226 active users have joined the testnet

🔷 48,197 transactions of adding tokens to the pools have been conducted

🔷 66,111 swaps have been processed on the platform

🔷 114,305 transactions in total have been conducted within the system

As an ultimate goal, AdaSwap’s DEX plans to bring more transparent liquidity to the Cardano ecosystem and make it more incentivized and gamified, encouraging voting, swapping, liquidity providing, and more.

Help AdaSwap test its solution – log a report if you’ve faced any testnet issues: