Using Explainable AI to Increase the Success Rate of Video Ads

Artificial Intelligence is actively penetrating all industries making businesses invest more in AI-powered tools that provide more business opportunities. Digital marketers want to learn new creative ways to customize their ads, by analyzing their performance more effectively.

Our team of ML&AI specialists has raised the issue of predicting the success rates of advertising videos to create highly-performing advertising campaigns.

To address the problem, we compared different advertising videos and checked if their basic attributes (like colors used, music, number of scenes, duration, etc.) could make any effect on the users’ engagement with the video to conclude whether the video is likely to be successful/not successful with the target audience.

We believe these insights will enable businesses to identify which elements of the video ad will work well, which ones should be changed, and which ones should be eventually removed from the video.

All this will help eliminate testing time and cost-consuming methods, remove the guesswork from content analysis, create more engagement-generating content, and eventually convert more people into active customers.

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