Expanding Crypto To Favorite Messenger Platforms: Alty Raises $1,5 Million!

 We are happy to share that one of our dearest clients, Alty, closed $1,5 million in its Seed investment round in September 2021.

Alty is the world’s first DeFi chatbot for managing blockchain-related Whatsapp and Telegram groups, with the ability to create crypto wallets and leverage crypto trading and exchange functions. Founded by Patrick Moufarrige and Liran Peretz, the tool helps streamline communication between businesses and blockchain-related communities’ users.

With businesses in mind, Alty enables Telegram and Whatsapp community managers to keep track of various groups across multiple platforms in an easy and user-friendly way and enjoy various business tools, like advertising, broadcasting, live news feeds, polling, trading, investing, and others.

 For customers, Alty is an amazing tool to personalize their engagement with decentralized businesses and other community members, by receiving market live price action calls and news feeds on demand, getting notifications and rewards from other community members, etc. Moreover, the solution enables the creation of multi-currency crypto wallets for digital asset trading, tipping, and more.

The project is being supported by global tech teams from the United States, Guyana, and Panama, and the Titanium technical and business development specialists from Moldova, Ukraine, and Israel.  

The raised money will be spent on the further development of the project. In the near future, the team is planning to add more functionality, by integrating more wallets with the platform, covering more social channels, like Discord, developing the Members Console to create a single web system to manage users’ accounts, and much more.

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