We Are Building A Dream Team In Kazakhstan!

Titanium Technologies Kazakhstan is a Kazakh R&D center of the Titanium Technologies Group.

Currently, we are building a team of specialists to be soon allocated in one of the leading centers of the Kazakhstani information technology industry.

What should you know about our new R&D branch?

  • We’re a part of a strong global R&D team.

Titanium Technologies Group consists of 80+ specialists (developers, QA engineers, business developers, account and project managers, marketers, etc.) from all over the globe – from Eastern Europe and Israel to North America and Central Asia.

  • We are focused on the latest technologies.

Our portfolio companies are mainly solutions that are based on blockchain, IoT, and AI technologies – a great opportunity for those who want to develop their programming and communication skills as well as see their career working on the top-notch technology projects.

  •  We work with both in-house and remote developers.

    We possess physical offices in all the cities where our branches are, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’d prefer to work from home or utilize our office facilities. Whether you work remotely or not, we maintain close everyday communication with all the team members, leveraging easy-to-use communication and people management tools.

  • Our portfolio companies are promising projects worldwide.

    Learn about all our portfolio companies here.

  • We offer relevant social benefits (paid vacations, sick leaves, team building activities, paid business trips, etc.) as well as a salary in USD, regardless of your status or location.

    Titanium’s looking for more professionals to join our team in Kazakhstan.To explore your job opportunities, please, follow this link.