Titanium Technologies Kazakhstan: What Are Our Values?

At Titanium Technologies Kazakhstan, we believe that a company is more than just a group of people working on the same projects. To us, it’s a team of like-minded people sharing the same vision, goals, and – what’s more important – the same set of values. What are the values at Titanium Kazakhstan? Keep on reading to find them:

– We are about transparency and integrity.

We believe that successful work is impossible without supporting clear communication. At Titanium Kazakhstan, we build open and honest communication processes with every team member. We talk over daily work issues, brainstorm ideas, hold one-to-one meetings to make sure your work-life balance is supported, and encourage you to speak up whenever you feel it’s important.

– We love cultural diversity

Our teams are a mix of people from different countries – Israel, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, the US, UAE, Canada, and more. This is our way to create a positive atmosphere within a team, generate more creative ideas, and learn to accept and interact with different points of view.

We value your time

We are people-oriented. To us, your work-life balance and motivation do matter, that’s why we do not practice overworking (unless this is an exceptional case).

– We are about development

Our portfolio companies are promising projects that dare you to learn more and develop your skills. Many of them are pioneering solutions based on the blockchain, IOT, or AI technologies, like IX Swap – the world’s first AMM for securities, Venture Rocket Eurasia – the first co-investment platform for vetted startups and accredited investors in Central Asia, Alty – the world’s first Whatsapp bot for blockchain communities’ management, Diversifi  – a set of unique financial tools and investment strategies that are coupled with both DeFi and CeFi hedging, and many more. Learn about all our portfolio companies here.

– We build long-term relations

Our team is focused on building and maintaining long-time relationships – be it a customer or a developer. With this in mind, we do not look for occasional help, and do not deal with short-term projects.

We are flexible

At Titanium Kazakhstan, it’s up to you to decide if you want to work from home or come to our office. To make you enjoy your work, we support both remote and offline working facilities, offer flexible working hours, and more.

Currently, we are looking for more talents to join our team. Explore your job opportunities here.