Making Crypto Transactions Flash-Instant: Alty Migrates To Algorand!

We are excited to share that Alty, one of our portfolio startups, has recently migrated from Ethereum to Algorand.

Alty is an innovative Barbados-based blockchain startup that provides blockchain community management tools and a crypto wallet for staking in WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

Having enabled thousands of influential communities to make micro-payments on Bitcoin and Ethereum, it became obvious to the Alty team that they needed a more scalable solution for even faster interaction between the community members.

Thanks to the latest investment round led by Borderless Capital, Alty has managed to migrate to Algorand – a more scalable and secure blockchain protocol, upgrading Alty’s set of tools and drastically boosting the users’ engagement. Now, Alty’s transactions are instant-fast and practically feeless.

Currently, Alty’s users can leverage its tools, by getting the latest news on the fast-growing market, communicating with other group members, making instant payments, and, thanks to the recent investment, utilizing Algorand through WhatsApp or Telegram.

We firmly believe that migration to Algorand will help the team keep on delivering high-quality services, attract more engagement to the crypto communities using instant messengers, and contribute to the global growth of blockchain communities worldwide.

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