Titanium’s Story: From a Startup Boutique to a Global Innovation Company

Hi, Titanium community!

We often get questions about our activities and goals, thus, we’ve decided to openly answer the most frequently asked questions in a series of articles.

In this article, we’ll take you through the history of Titanium – who we are, our vision, goals, Divisions, and more.

Who We Are
Back in 2014, we started as a small startup boutique aiming to turn tech projects into promising companies. 

Now, with 8 years of experience in building and growing startups, we have transformed into Titanium Technologies Group – a global group of R&D centers and innovation companies that deliver top-notch R&D and venture studio services. In addition, we hold Web3 and Data Science Divisions.

Our team of 100+ technical, business development, and legal professionals provides a wide range of startup support – from building a business strategy and tech consulting to market research, Web and Web3 development, consulting on regulation and compliance, help in attracting investments, and much more.

Our mission has grown, too. With our wide expertise in startup growing and strong connections with business and technical experts from all over the world, we aim to become a one-stop solution for startups – a place where startups will develop their vision, build the product, attract investments, and build valuable ecosystem connections.

Meet Our Divisions

Through our specialized Divisions, we’ve already helped more than 150 tech startups all over the world build their products, a part of which is the world’s pioneering Web3 and Data Science solutions as well as a few unicorns (learn about them here.).

What are our Divisions?  Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

Startup Growth

We take an active part in helping startups raise funds – from investing in our portfolio projects and assisting startups in acquiring governmental grants to helping them find relevant investors through our VC Hub and Investment Club (you’ll learn about them a bit later. 😉 ).

Besides, we offer 2 growth packages to tech startups – our Venture Studio for blockchain projects and advisory for tech startups. Our team of business and technology specialists guides startups in business & financial planning, go-to-market strategy, product & tech roadmap, deal structuring, and more.

Governmental Innovation Programs

We collaborate with governmental entities all over the world to help them build, scale, and manage their innovation ecosystems. Through our partnerships with the governments of Malta and Kazakhstan, we‘ve already built investment and startup management platforms – VentureRocket Eurasia and VentureRocket Malta – to help attract more investment opportunities to these regions.

R&D Division

Our global R&D centers specialize in delivering full-scale software development services (Web, mobile, and chatbots) – from the product’s tech & business planning to building its architecture, choosing the right technical solution, planning and executing the R&D process, supporting it with other project-related services, and more.

Web3 Division

Our team of blockchain architects, researchers, developers, and business development managers focuses on the development and end-to-end support of the Web3 products – DEXes, CEXes, DAOs, LMs, etc. in diverse tech industries – from fintech and healthtech to agrotech, community management, entertainment, and more.

Data Science Division

Titanium’s Data Science team of data scientists, mathematicians, and developers possesses proven experience in consulting and developing ML&AI solutions – from deep video analytics, recommendation systems, and data mining & augmentation to chatbots, predictive marketing, fraud detection solutions, and others. 

Advisory for Corporates

Our team of business, technical, and legal experts actively consults corporates in building their innovative blockchain solutions – from business strategy and market research consulting to technical advisory, consulting on regulation & compliance, assisting in applying for licenses, deal structuring, and much more.

In the next article, we’ll dwell on how we help startup ecosystems grow through our strong collaborations with governments.

We are looking for partners to build a global ecosystem of successful startups together. Reach out to us to explore your opportunities here.