Meet VentureRocket Eurasia At Startup Equity& Debt Investment Without Borders Session!

We are excited to share that on 3 July, our joint venture, VentureRocket Eurasia, is going to Astana Finance Days to organize its session – VentureRocket Eurasia: Startup Equity & Debt Investment Without Borders.

What’s VentureRocket Eurasia?
This is a startup ecosystem management and investment platform that connects startups and investors, allowing accredited, professional, and institutional investors to provide capital to highly vetted tech startups.

What’s VentureRocket Eurasia: Startup Equity & Debt Investment Without Border?
This is an online event organized in cooperation between Titanium Technologies and AIFC Fintech as a part of the Astana Finance Days. The session will be held at 6 p.m. Nur-Sultan time and is aimed to officially announce startups launching their first fundraising campaigns!

During this session, you’ll be able to:

✔Get to know more about the Venture Rocket Eurasia platform, our values, and goals.

✔Communicate and network with our team

✔Find out about Venture Studio services we provide

✔Learn about the tech startups you’ll be able to invest in.

Among the potential startups selected by our Investment Committee are the projects previously presented at the Demo Day organized by VentureRocket Eurasia:

✔Smart Gas

You’ll be able to invest in some of these startups during the follow-up event, organized in July 2021 (we’ll notify you of it later).

To learn more about these startups, please, register on the Venture Ricket Eurasia platform .

To join the session of Venture Rocket Eurasia, register here  (pick Fin&Tech section, our session is on July 3 at 6 PM).