Venture Investment School Has Been Successfully Completed!

We are happy to share that Venture Rocket Eurasia – a joint venture between Titanium Technologies and AIFC Fintech – has successfully conducted Venture Investment School.

Venture Investment School is an online educational event for first-time investors which took place on May 11-13 and finished with the Demo Day on 15 June.

What’s Venture Investment School All About?
✔The registrations. We’ve got 332 registered attendees! Thank you all for joining us during this time!
✔The lectures. We’ve organized 3 online educational meetups conducted by experienced investors.
✔The invited guests. We’ve invited 8 judges as well as other angel investors and VCs to share their knowledge and help you evaluate the presented pitch decks.
✔The invited startups. We’ve analyzed 5 tech startup pitches online, together with the invited investors.

All the attendees who have taken part in both the Venture Investment School lectures and the Demo Day will be sent Venture Investment School certificates.

Venture Rocket Eurasia connects startups and investors, allowing accredited, professional, and institutional investors to provide capital to highly vetted tech startups.

If you are interested in investing in promising startups, register as an Investor here.

For startups, the registration link is