Viridix is an agritech IoT and AI-based solution recognized by the world’s top scientists and corporations that helps farmers optimize productivity, reduce resource consumption, raise crop quality, and maximize field performance.


Founded by Tal Maor, Mor Yegerman, and Arik Shitrit, Viridix generates ongoing and accurate soil moisture data through its patent-pending sensor, produces actionable insights, and sends irrigation alerts directly to the farmer’s app.

Coming from big data technologies, I was surprised to discover that 9000 years after the agricultural revolution, farmers and growers are still solely relying on experience and instinct rather than having the tools to make scientific or data-driven decisions”, – says Arik Shitrit, Founder and CTO at Viridix.


By using accurate water potential data and additional important information, such as weather, irrigation protocols, and soil characteristics, the solution automates farming activities. Besides, based on the received data, Viridix creates personalized recommendations to help farmers adjust their growing approach and improve field performance. 


The Viridix solution has been very well accepted in the Israeli, European, Asian and US markets, managed to successfully close $2,35 million in its seed round, and even won a $400,000 grant from the Israeli Innovation Authority for precision irrigation.