VentureRocket Eurasia


Venture Rocket Eurasia is a startup ecosystem management and investment platform that allows accredited, professional, and institutional investors to provide capital to highly vetted tech startups. 

Founded  in 2020 by Titanium Technologies and Fintech Hub AIFC – a Kazakhstan-based startup hub, this is the first co-investment platform in Central Asia. 

The Venture Rocket Eurasia platform aims at providing verified investors with a list of vetted innovative tech startups to invest in in a fully regulated environment.

For tech startups, this is a great opportunity to raise capital and receive venture building services to facilitate their growth, like strategic planning, investor matching, technology, and R&D activities, regulation help, talent developing, scaling to global markets, getting access to the AIFC-supported government benefits, and much more.

Other ecosystem members registered on the platform (like accelerators, partners, investors, VCs, and more) can enjoy an opportunity to communicate and cooperate with the registered startups and investors.

“Central Asia is an amazing place for scouting and boosting promising startups with great ideas and talented people ready to implement them. Thus, at Venture Rocket Eurasia, we aim at assisting them in growing their business undertakings, supporting them with our venture building services, and attracting more investment opportunities, – shared Arslan Kudiyar, CEO at Venture Rocket Eurasia.


Currently, the platform is actively assisting its registered startups in implementing their fundraising campaigns and growing their businesses, scaling its network, by connecting with more partners and key venture capital players, and organizing educational events for first-time investors.