Resident Home


Resident Home is a leading American e-commerce company that holds several direct-to-consumer home goods brands, including the award-winning Nectar, DreamCloud, Awara, Level Sleep, 1771 Living and Bundle, etc. 

Founded by Craig Schmeiser, Ran Raska, and Eric Hutchinson in 2016, the company provides online trading of home goods, like mattresses, rugs, furniture, etc. in the United States.

At Resident, we are relentless in our passion to provide our customers with better choices when it comes to everyday home products. From mattresses, rugs, and furniture, each of our brands has unparalleled standards for quality, style, and value”,

– says Hadar Schildler, the Director of Engineering at Resident.

The platform is being developed and supported by teams of 200+ specialists from different parts of the world – the US, Israel, Ukraine, and Moldova. At Titanium Technologies, our dev teams take an active part in the company’s all brands’ development and support as well as the management of the dev teams.


As a part of Resident’s achievements, the company was named the fastest-growing online retailer in 2018. Besides, in 2020, the company beat an online sales record, and its annual revenues are estimated at more than half a billion dollars, making it a leader among all Israeli e-commerce companies.