Diversifi is the first tech-driven crypto asset management platform that offers institutions (investment banks, funds, brokers, family offices, and corporations holding crypto treasuries) risk-mitigation strategies for digital currency investments, in both CeFi and DeFi.

Founded by Eitan Katz, the platform has been designed to remove the obstacles that hold institutional investors back from secure exposure to the crypto world. Its crypto-based tools and investment strategies address the volatility associated with crypto, minimize investment risks, maximize profit opportunities, and even mitigate environmental impact. Besides, Diversifi’s products are regulation-compliant which removes the regulation risks all institutions are so concerned about.

Diversifi is a three-set solution that covers structured crypto (a set of strategies for controlled exposure to cryptocurrency), smart hedge (a set of intelligent hedging strategies for systematic and unsystematic risk protection), and green crypto (carbon footprint offset of crypto assets that mitigates environmental impact).

It is a unique approach as Diversifi fills the gap of large-scale adoption and acts as a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance”, – says Eitan Katz, the CEO of Diversifi.

In 2021, the company launched its first proprietary investment strategy – P.BTC, or Protected Bitcoin, – the solution that provides controlled exposure to Bitcoin, by limiting the investment losses due to the crypto price volatility.

As a part of the company’s next milestones, the team is working to launch such products as the Protected ETH, insured CeFi holdings, insured DeFi staking, yield optimization, protected index/rainbow notes, and much more.