Alty is the world’s first platform and dashboard designed to help admins manage their Web3-related groups and chats on Whatsapp and Telegram. Founded in 2019, the tool helps its customers personalize their communication with businesses and other community members, receive market live price action calls and news feeds on demand, get notifications and rewards from other community members, and more.

“The Alty project was born out of the need for a solution that offers trusted, reliable information and secure, verified engagement in a platform-agnostic environment”, – says Liran Peretz, the Co-Founder and CEO of Alty.

Besides, the solution is the only Blockchain-based Whatsapp and Telegram bot that provides its users with an ability to create multi-currency crypto wallets and fulfill digital asset transactions, like sending and receiving, tipping, live trading, etc. through favorite platforms.

Alty is being developed and supported by remote teams from the United States, Ukraine, Guyana, Panama, and Israel. Titanium Technologies serves as an official partner, with our tech team actively assisting the company in the platform’s development and our business dev team helping implement its business strategy.

On its growth path, Alty has already raised $1.5M, successfully integrated with Bancor to provide live DEX services, synchronized communication through the Blockchain Education Network across hundreds of regional micro-networks globally, connected with the Blockchain industry’s most influential thought leaders and innovators, and more.