is the world’s first platform which enables cross-channel functionality in major instant messaging applications. The platform is lead by Gaby Protocol Inc. – the company located in Barbados and possessing its remote teams in the United States, Ukraine, Guyana, Panama, and Israel.

Titanium Technologies serves as an official partner of Gaby Protocol Inc. In this cooperation, our team of developers actively helps the company develop the platform and fully support the company’s website. Apart from that, we assist Gaby Protocol Inc. in building and implementing its business strategy.

Based on blockchain technologies, offers a set of online tools providing stakeholders, influencers, content creators, managers, and members of the chat-based communities over popular messaging platforms (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, etc.) with advanced opportunities. Stakeholders and admins get access to the community management tools (e.g. reporting with group statistics, cross promoting, rewarding members, voting, etc.), have an ability to monetize the channels, connect to third-party apps, use white-label community management system, or provide group members with additional functionalities, using artificial intelligence (ChatBot). Chat-based community members can enjoy in-chat payments, member-to-member tipping, accessibility to data and utilities across multiple channels, etc. Content creators, on the other hand, are enabled to leverage automated content distribution, integrate with third-party apps and more.

By providing all parties with real-time feeds and useful tools for receiving and managing more curated information, the platform makes their interaction more integrated, easier, and, thus, more efficient.