Titanium Technologies Group - A Global Innovation Leader.

Titanium Technologies Group is a group of R&D and innovation companies, with the focus on startups, from both the technology and business aspects.  

We hold Titanium Software with R&D centers in Eastern Europe and sales offices in the US, Europe, and Israel; Titanium Blockchain – a blockchain R&D company; FutureBlock – a global blockchain accelerator; Securer – a digital ecosystem and capital raising platform; VentureRocket – a holistic startup ecosystem management environment;  FutureBlock Malta –  our gate for companies from all over the globe to enter the Maltese and European Union; and VentureRocket Eurasia – our startup ecosystem and capital raising activity in Central Asia. 

We offer diverse capabilities, from technology (R&D planning, architecture and execution) to  global startups ecosystem management, including strategic planning and venture studio activities to support our startups in their way to success. 

Our management and 110+ team members are striving for excellence, innovation, integrity, and team spirit, coming from our passion to move forward, always.


R&D & innovation
Blockchahin R&D, business & economics
Venture Studio Capabilities
Startups ecosystem


When founding Titanium Technologies, we put our target to be a leading technology company with strong and wide R&D and business capabilities, enabling startups and tech companies to deliver great products and grow. We have built up a great team of experts, dealing with hi-end technologies and products and offering top-notch R&D, startups ecosystems management, and venture studio activities. We currently have more than 110 team members, and together with our clients and startups, are growing both in size and quality. 

We do our best to make our clients and startups the best.  

Asaf Yosifov

CEO, Titanium Technologies Group
Staff Members
Offices World Wide
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Years of work with startups, R&D projects, tech investments and ventures.


 We always strive for the best!


We believe in transparency and integrity.


 We are dedicated to our clients targets and goals.



Asaf Yosifov


19 years of experience managing complex projects, using both local and offshore development teams. Expert in developing products in diverse fields such as telecom, education, gaming, networking, travel, finance and more. Founder and co-founder of startups, leading the R&D and operations activities.

Tzahi Kanza


20 years of experience as founder and CEO managing global companies. Expert in IT and innovation management, building startups, strategic planning and international business activity. Main interests are innovation, startups and Blockchain technology.

Avri Rotem

Digital Marketing Expert

18 years of specializing in digital marketing, from small to global companies. Expert in mobile apps marketing strategy and execution, with vast network to business opportunities and investments. Founder and co-founder of digital marketing company and ad-networks.

Ronen Lago

Cyber security expert

20 years of experience developing and deploying Advanced Intelligence Systems and Cyber Information Security products as CTO and Head of R&D in leading global companies. Expert in big data, information security and enterprise SW architecture. Experience in critical infrastructure, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Network layers & SCADA communication.

Lior Wayn

Digital Health Specialist

A serial entrepreneur in the life sciences arena. Led multiple public and private companies and have vast experience in taking concepts all the way to the market. Holds 2 patents, with 18 years of management, entrepreneurship, innovation and BizDev experience.